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TEDx Bangalore Salon - Human Centric Architecture

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With businesses worldwide switching their focus to the need for a people centred approach to design, we hear about various elements of physical spaces that can shape an organisation. Good design brings about a positive change in behaviour and increases efficiency while at the same time promoting the well being of the individuals. 

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Monika Kejriwal is founder & principal architect at Latitude Design. She has a Masters in Architecture from Ohio State University, USA & has completed an Executive Programme in Finance at London Business School. She has the experience of working in many cultures across the world including projects in the US, the UK and Europe, the Middle East and India, and her work is informed by awareness of global best practices and design trends.

RSVP now & join an interactive session on using workspace elements to infuse culture into your team!

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to Sep 29

Corporate Masterchef 2017


Corporate Masterchef encourages individuals from corporate offices to follow their passion of cooking, compete with others for the coveted title of CORPORATE MASTER CHEF, bring work life balance at their work space, learn to cook quick healthy meals for their busy lifestyle, attend master classes by renowned chefs in the city and enjoy the experience of cooking or learning to cook. 

Participate in a tea appreciation session, test yourself at a food quiz, compete in a cook-off, experience a masterclass & more!

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The Hive September Mixer

What do 'The Germans' and 'The Irish' have in common? 

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Yes! It's their love for beer & celebrations. 

Which is why we’ve decided to combine 'The luck of the Irish' with Germany's love for beer (Oktoberfest) by hosting The Hive Mixer - Our monthly networking event where you hobnob & connect with The Hive community and select invited guests - at Irish house VR Bengaluru.

P.s. Of course we have some games planned...what good are celebrations if not combined with some healhy competition right?

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TLABS Leap Fintech

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LeapFintech is an exclusive gathering of India’s top financial institutions, leading venture investors and most promising fintech startups. The thought leaders and experts from the industry will uncover the latest trends in fintech, challenges and opportunities that have yet to be seized and share insights on where the economy is headed to.

Avail an exclusive discount with the code: TLLFHIVE

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Masterclass on Avocado by Foodhall

When it comes to healthy-eating, avocados feature amongst top foods-to-eat. Join us for an Avocado Masterclass at The Hive Pantry. 

Masterclass with Avocado.png

The infirmative and demo session will be followed by a short quiz! So brush up on your Avocado knowledge now! 

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Designing Inspirational Workspaces

LG meetup.png

We invite you to The Hive - a collaborative workspace seamlessly integrated into VR Bengaluru & The Waverly Hotel. On this occasion, we'll be discussing all that goes into creating workspaces that inspire their community day-in and day-out.

First we get a principal architect's perspective on the elements of design that inspire people, then an award-winning photographer's perspective on such elements captured at our space, followed by a photowalk across our space led by a genius visual communicator.

As a bonus, there will be a photowalk through the MUJI outlet in VR Bengaluru, where one can capture minimalism at its finest. 

Snacks will be served :)

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TEDx and Tacos

We are proud to be hosting a TEDx Bangalore salon talk by Kiran Jonnalagadda on protecting digital freedom. Kiran is a trustee of the Internet Freedom Foundation and co-founder of HasGeek - and was an active volunteer with the SaveTheInternet campaign for net neutrality in 2015-16.


We also have a musical performance by Alp music academy scheduled post the talk, be sure to catch up with them to learn how you can improve your musical self too.

This will be followed by The Hive Mixer - our signature monthly networking event. This month, we’re serving up fresh Tacos in addition to board games, pool and foosball. Join us, and network with fresh food makers, analytics wizards, fitness wallets, bitcoin experts, music composers & more from our vibrant community.

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