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RISK - A Live & Personal Storytelling by The Narrative

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Hey Hivers! 
Life is a gamble. You win some, you lose some. That is, perhaps, what makes it so exciting and worthwhile!

Relationships, career, health, money, reputation, life itself - some of the choices we make in these areas in our lives or another’s are nothing but a gamble.

Have you done something, anything, that might have put what you value dearly on the line? What have you risked? More importantly, to what end? Alternatively, has anyone ever risked something for you? What came of it?

This weekend, we’re conducting RISK - An open mic theme based live & personal storytelling session in partnership with The Narrative.

Guidelines for sharing a story:

  1. Stories should be personal stories, as expressed by the storyteller.

  2. Stories should be based on the theme.

  3. Storytellers are expected to share a story, not their ideas/opinions/rant

  4. Time limit per storyteller is 7 minutes.

Members interested in sharing a story are requested to send a brief synopsis by 12:00pm on 12th October to:

For more information, please visit

Please note, the event is through RSVP only.

Don't Forget to RSVP below.