Podcasts for the Entrepreneurial Mind

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Podcasts are radio shows for the digital age wherein you can choose what you want to listen to. They are a great way to enrich yourself while you travel to and from work everyday. Here’s a list of some noteworthy podcasts for the entrepreneurial mind.
Sam Altman, the president of an american seed accelerator, Y Combinator, created a crash course at Stanford University on how to start a startup featuring several Y Combinator alumni. The lectures were recorded and published as an educative podcast.
Stay updated with the world of startups with this weekly podcast. The host, Jason Calacanis, and a rotating group of guest experts give their take on the best, worst and most interesting stories of entrepreneurship.
Ever wondered how VCs think? Host Harry Stebbings interviews two prominent VC investors each episode helping listeners understand the ABCs of funding. Get ready for that elevator pitch with this weekly podcast.
Gary Vaynerchuk is a rockstar in the world of entrepreneurship. He built WineLibrary.tv and VaynerMedia from scratch and has funded several successful startups like Facebook, Snapchat, Medium and Uber. Learn his secrets as he addresses questions from aspiring entrepreneurs.
Your weekly download on the Indian startup scene, entrepreneurs and what not. Host Neil Patel, a thoroughbred developer and a serial entrepreneur delves into breakthrough startups with experts and shares detailed insights.