Collaborative Spaces – The future of Work

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In the last decade, the modest beginning of co-working spaces focusing on freelancers, start-ups and micro enterprises has led to a global movement of collaborative environments. Here we take a look at why these shared spaces are here to stay, and will only grow further to be the preferred model for work spaces.

1. An ecosystem crafted for success

Enterprises are quickly learning that tapping the true potential of their workforce lies in the creation of positive human conditions & a culture that supports lateral thinking. Walking into a beautiful, hygienic & clean space every day that provides top-class infrastructure is just a small component of it.
The opportunity to meet like-minded people who inspire each other to do better, the advantage of pooling resources at a shared space, business services provided by the space as well as members alike all add to the satisfaction one feels & contributes to their holistic growth.

2. More interpersonal exchange

Today, the value of a work environment lies in the amount of collaboration it encourages its occupants to indulge in. While most of the labour-intensive work is done in silos – while travelling, before or after the rest of the team arrives or leaves, with headphones on – the critical component to the success of an organisation is how its members piece together their work & this often defines culture.
From daily coffee breaks with colleagues to approaching unfamiliar faces, interpersonal interaction is what ultimately propels an individual towards growth as well. At The Hive, we are especially conscious of this unspoken need & do our best to facilitate such opportunities for both personal & professional connections through networking events & more.

3. The learning curve

The famous Albert Einstein said “Once you stop learning, you start dying” – which holds true for both one’s professional expertise as well as personal interests. The plethora of people one meets at a collaborative work space often results in the discovery of new interests or the rediscovery of lost ones – be it football, poetry, TED talks or having a beer chugging contest.
With a variety of events ranging from Avocado recipe sessions to 1500+ member startup conferences, The Hive is always buzzing with plenty of activity to keep every member engaged. Not only does our community absorb – they also broadcast ideas which develop numerous life skills, in addition to gaining them recognition.

4. Collaboration leads to Invention

In an ever changing world, each business has to reinvent itself to stay relevant. Constant feedback has become a necessary evil, and getting caught up between a fixed mindset between a limited number of people at a traditional office can be a death knell for your product.
At a collaborative space, everyone from e-commerce consultants to fresh food makers (especially the latter – trust us) get unbiased feedback from varied individuals along with a whole bunch of suggestions that often spark ideas which improve the results.
What do you feel? Are co-working spaces here to stay?
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