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While Delhi and Mumbai were mushrooming with startups, another city stunned the world with its burgeoning growth overnight – Bangalore. From having a strong IT presence to an assortment of people settling here from various parts of the country in the search of opportunities, it is no surprise that it is the second fastest growing start-up ecosystem in the world.
Along with the pervasive startup culture, a suffix that rings in every Bangalorean’s mind is the ‘By two philosophy”. Infact, Bangalore’s tagline is ‘Swalpa adjust madi’, which means kindly adjust a little and more or less accentuates that Bangaloreans like to share by nature.
It is no wonder the city obsessed with by-two coffee has seamlessly adapted itself to the culture of carpooling and shared spaces for co-working. Thus resonating with the cleverly devised by-two phenomenon which makes the most of available resources by a simple act of sharing, we at The Hive proudly embrace it in the following manner.
The by-two collaboration
The co-workers at our diverse community not only bond over cups of by-two coffee but also share ideas and tips that lead to collaboration and growing businesses.
The by-two balance
A mall is a haven for all the recreational needs of a person. Being the crowning glory of VR Bengaluru, we strive to create the perfect by-two living experience for our community.

The by-two workout

Juggling between various responsibilities, working professionals often struggle to find time to invest in fitness. But with The Tribe Fitness Club literally an elevator ride away from us, our community has adapted itself to never compromise on health.

The by-two living

The Waverly Hotel is integrated into VR Bengaluru, and offers luxurious accommodation for you and your important clientele. With The Hive being just a short walk away from your hotel room, we tempt you to open the door to by-two living.
Get in touch with us and experience the by-two philosophy first hand!