The ABCs of Networking

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Being in a coworking space helps a great deal in fostering long-lasting professional, and personal, connections. Simply put, networking with your fellow coworkers is essential to accomplishing your goals and creating new ones. We’ve put together some thoughts to make the best of your networking efforts.
1. Networking requires more than just the basics
A lot of people assume that networking is as simple as a shaking of hands, a bit of small talk, and the exchange of business cards. Start by analysing your prospective and current connections. How does their involvement fit in with your short-term and long-term strategies? How do you visualise the extent of their involvement? Do you have a plan on how you would like to approach your prospective connections and maintain your existing relationships? Answering these questions beforehand, and applying it to conversations will help you achieve your goals as precisely as possible.
2. Networking extends beyond one’s own needs
Networking is not just about what your connections can do for you. It also includes what you can do for your connections. The involvement of your connections in accomplishing your goals may be clear to you, but you also have to understand how you may be of value to them and be able to convince them of that. This exchange of ideas and resources is the core of networking.
3. Networking is a two-way street
Networking for your intents and purposes does not happen in a simple snap of fingers. It involves a tactful and gradual cultivation of a relationship that could last over a long period of time. Similarly, your connection(s) must be able and willing to develop and make this relationship grow. Nurturing this relationship with patience & a long term perspective will ensure that the goals of both you and your connection(s) can be met smoothly without any bumps along the way.
Networking requires confidence. It requires viewing multiple perspectives. Most importantly, it requires patience and belief that the work put into cultivating these relationships will pay off eventually. We hope you will keep these in mind and make the most of your future opportunities.