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Amazon Web Services provides startups with low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow any size business. AWS Activate is a program designed to help startups with resources to get started on AWS. Join some of the fastest-growing startups in the world and build your business using AWS.


Visit the AWS Activate webpage to apply using the following*:

Organization ID (case-sensitive): 0ebbk

Be sure to provide your AWS Account ID when you apply. Promotional Credits will be added to the account number you submit with this application.

Please sign up using your company e-mail address. Personal email addresses complicate tracking and billing inquiries in the future.

To see your credit balance, applicable services, and expiration date, please go to  your Billing and Cost Management Console


You will be eligible for:

$2,000 in AWS Promotional Credit valid for 2 years

1 year of AWS Business Support (up to $5,000).

Access to the AWS Technical and Business Essentials web-based (or instructor-led) training ($600 value per course) 

80 credits for Self-Paced Labs ($80 value)


*Note that this link and Org ID should not be shared. 

Fine print: time periods are based on program start date (or investment date if program start is N/A). Companies may not be eligible for Promotional Credit if they previously received a similar or greater amount. Companies can sometimes be "topped up" to a higher credit amount if they previously received a lower credit. For more information, please review the AWS Activate Terms & Conditions.



Can I use the AWS Activate logo or mention AWS in a press release?
If you'd like to use the AWS Activate logo, please visit our logo use information page. Please note that AWS PR must approve all press releases or external documents that mention AWS or any of our products and programs. To request the full guidelines please reply to this email or contact us.

How long does it take to process AWS Activate applications?
Applications are processed in 7-10 days, once an application is received. Processing can take longer if the information provided in the application is not accurate or incomplete.
What if a company of ours is having trouble signing up?
Companies applying for AWS Activate should ensure they are submitting up-to-date and accurate application information. Application tips include using the correct company URL, copying and pasting the Org ID (case sensitive) onto the application, and providing an accurate AWS Account ID. 
How is Promotional Credit applied to the bill?
Promotional Credit is applied to the AWS Account ID provided on the application. The AWS Promotional Credit will be applied to the cost of services incurred from the 1st of the month in which the credit was applied. Promotional Credit cannot be applied retroactively for previous months.

Please refer to the AWS Activate FAQ for more information.

If you have additional queries, please contact AWS or connect with The Hive team who will forward you to the concerned persons.

Wishing you build something amazing with these services,
Team Hive, VR Bengaluru.