8 ways The Hive is re-imagining workspaces with great design

The rise of co-working spaces as the preferred option for office space leases has caused waves in the world of commercial real estate. Traditional workspaces find themselves increasingly out of demand as even the largest of enterprises begin to study & incorporate the elements of co-working spaces into their own design.

The advantages that shared spaces offer are immense, both in terms of cost as well as the quality of the workspace experience. With a comparison against traditional offices throwing up a host of advantages & virtually no downgrades, co-working spaces increasingly appear to be an evolved version that is here to take over.

Design is at the heart of everything that The Hive has to offer and an incredible amount of thought & research goes into every aspect of our workspaces. This is reflected in the fact that The Hive is one of the first co-working space in India designed as part of an integrated lifestyle destination.

The Hive shares its premises with facilities that meet almost every conceivable need of its members, which is the next step on the workspace revolution. Integrated into Virtuous Retail’s shopping centers, our futuristic design places all manners of retail outlets, f&b options, a premium hotel, rooftop swimming pool, fitness center & more within arm’s length.

Add to this the lovingly crafted elements that come together to make our beautiful workspace beloved by our community, and you begin to unravel the future of workspaces.

Here are 8 ways in which The Hive is re-imagining workspaces with great design:

1. Multi-purpose spaces

As hosts to a vibrant community which shares our co-working space, we focus on enabling our diverse set of members to utilize our spaces in ways that best suit them.

That is to say, a particular section of our workspace that we primarily envisioned as semi-casual meeting pods fit rather cozily for board game players or for readers to curl up with their favorite books. Therefore we bear in mind the multiple requirements of our members, and design elements which can accommodate them best.

This is best demonstrated by the fact that our Games Lounge often gets repurposed to host events when required, and reverts to its sporty self right after. Same goes for the pantry area, where we have a 55” TV that takes up the role of a projector screen for the presenter.

Our library lounge also sees many meetings & business discussions, turning the tables on those readers that chose the meeting pods for their bookish adventures!

The Hive, in a way, democratizes the workspace. Providing the tools for creation, but ultimately handing over space to our members to unleash their creativity.

Ambient Natural Lighting

2. Ambient natural lighting

It is a well-established fact that natural sunlight is much more conducive to human health than artificial lighting. With this in mind, our workspaces are designed to allow natural light to flow through them and wash over our members with a healthy glow.

We are also careful in ensuring that there are no sudden deviations in the ambient lighting from the natural light - placing different artificial lights in a planned manner. From table lamps to fluorescent tubes, and all options in between are carefully selected to provide a workspace that is conducive to collaboration & health.

The fact that these are integrated into our plans right from the inception is an indication of how The Hive truly puts design at its core.

Hive Workspace

3. Choice of seating

Traditional workspaces often provide their employees with a boilerplate model of office chairs, which while by themselves aren’t bad but are insufficient for a full day’s needs. Bean bags have slowly made their way into the traditional office spaces, but again reflect the rather limited options for their employees.As a design-centric co-working space, we provide a much wider range of seating options to suit everyone’s needs. Our window side nooks are a crowd favorite, rarely seen unoccupied. Our bubble chairs are also just as popular, allowing members to be suspended in mid-air with a scenic view & their thoughts for company.Our reading nooks are so strategically placed for quietness you just might fail to notice them at first glance, but not our voracious readers who sometimes curl up in them for hours at end.For those sitting down to work, there are the traditional options described above for seating at their desks as well as the freedom to work at a standing desk or the round tables in our games lounge. We could go on & on with our descriptions, but instead, we would encourage you to visit our space & get a first-hand feel of this wonderful design.

1 copy 18.png

4. Fitness centre

No integrated lifestyle destination would be complete without a fitness center. With access to multiple fitness classes across a range of disciplines just an elevator ride away, we place the key to your health in your hands.With more & more lifestyle-related illnesses emerging to the fore, we understand that neglecting fitness can lead to devastating results. With the holistic growth and health of our members in mind, our design provides easy access to healthy activities. Whether it’s a full-blown fitness class or just a few rounds of walk on our Skydeck, our design gives you opportunities to stay healthy & fit.

Skydeck at Hive

5. Telephone booths

One of the very few complaints about co-working spaces and open layouts, in general, is that they tend to be noisy. While this is true to an extent, we address this through design in a few ways.

First and foremost, members having private conversations are encouraged to use our telephone booths which are designed to be sound-proof. This provides privacy to the member while at the same time reducing potential disturbances to others.

We also encourage members with larger teams to utilize our private cabin memberships. Since communication between team members is essential, it is only natural that larger teams tend to generate more buzz. However, private cabins once again provide privacy & reduce potential noise.

There are also gentle reminders around our workspace that ask our members to be mindful of their peers. In this manner, we incorporate design to nip the problem in the bud - while infusing a warm sense of mutual respect among the community.

Coworking Space

6. Rooftop swimming pool

Every now & then, there always comes along a day at work where you wish you could drop everything and head out to a beach vacation. While we can’t quite provide a beach, we do our best with a scenic rooftop swimming pool instead.

Sitting poolside to take in the soothing hues & watch sunsets is often a mesmerizing experience & only an elevator ride away to our members. We often find our members next to the pool on the Skydeck, lounging but also sometimes with their laptops - drawing creative inspiration.

Rooftop Swimming Pool

7. Shopping centre

Holistic growth of our members is a key aim for The Hive, and thus we are integrated into the heart of Virtuous Retail’s shopping centers in Chennai & Bangalore.

From the latest in fashion (on sale!) to cuisines from around the world, our members barely have to break a sweat to indulge themselves.

Catching the latest movie after work? No sweat, PVR cinemas is a minute away. Celebrating a successful moment at work? Choose between beer, ice cream, pizza, donuts, or a hundred other possibilities. Or choose them all.

Once again, we love democracy - we are democratizing & empowering the workforce. The design is ours, the choice yours!

Work Life Balance

8. Your hotel room is right across the door

How often have you heard of a co-working space that is side by side with a luxury hotel - with member benefits that apply? How about a co-working space which is only a door away from the corridor of the said luxury hotel?

Well, now you have! The Waverly Hotels are just across the door from The Hive - with many purposes in mind. We often see our members hosting executives or clients from a different city or a different part of the globe altogether. In such cases, it is simply an additional hassle for them to find a hotel room at a distance from the workspace.

Conversely, guests staying at the hotel often have work-related activities to attend to and find a co-working space just across a door from their lobby is extremely convenient. Whether you cross the door from this side to that or that to this, you can thank our thoughtful design!

Contact us today to get a taste of The Hive experience, and avail membership at the most innovative co-working space in town!

How flexible workspaces can provide work-life balance to your team?

Work-life balance - the ultimate equation for a well-rounded organization with happy & productive employees. Always sought after, not always easily achieved. Definitely more than just a buzz phrase, yet difficult to fit into a template that can be blindly followed by businesses. So, what really is a work-life balance?

In an ever increasingly competitive business world, organizations & their employees often find themselves struggling to maintain a balance between their professional & personal lives. Yet the millennial workforce is nothing if not aware of its needs for holistic growth, sacrificing none of their career growth while still maintaining a healthy social life. This seeming bundle of contradictions of a problem requires an equally out of the box solution.

While it’s easy to attribute the erosion of work-life balance to sometimes unavoidable factors such as long hours or deadline pressures, it’s much more complex than that. Long hours mean nothing if they’re not productive, and productivity is best achieved through satisfied & motivated employees. The major factors in the daily lives of any professional are the environment they work in, their peers, and how best their basic needs are met.

Traditional workspaces tend to be silos of dedicated office space with perhaps a cafeteria slapped on for good measure. The workspace of the future is radically different, providing an amalgam of all that one needs to fulfill their all-around needs. Flexible workspaces have succeeded in cracking this code, reflected by their rapidly rising popularity in the world of real estate.

At The Hive, we take work-life balance to the next level with flexible workspaces that are designed & crafted with holistic growth for our members as a key aim. Here are 8 ways, small & big, in which we provide work-life balance to your team:

  1. Beautifully designed, inspirational workspaces

    At The Hive, we truly believe that our members are the lifeblood of our workspaces. This is why every single element is chosen with a particular philosophy in mind - to inspire, and we strive to not only match but exceed expectations.

    Whether it’s creativity you need, space where you can brainstorm ideas or.. even yell at someone in privacy, we’ve got you covered. A splash of color, a view of the setting Sun to remind you of the hour, a quote from Mark Zuckerberg - there are countless ways to derive your dose of inspiration.

    For those that love to unwind with a book or over a game, there’s always the games lounge & plenty of quiet yet ambient spots designed just with you in mind. A little bit of inspiration & motivation can go a long way towards the eagerness with which your teams face their challenges, and we aim to tilt the balance in their favor.

Custom Preset.jpg

2. Flexible leases & transparent contracts

Leases, especially when it comes to office spaces can often be heavy-handed & a source of unnecessary stress to your organization. At The Hive, we offer flexible contracts from a single month to multi-year leases - tailored to best suit your needs.

Our standard membership plans come with a low-security deposit of one month’s membership fee and no hidden charges. This also allows you to better invest your capital into employee welfare activities, contributing to their satisfaction & work-life balance.

Our customized workspaces place the growth of your business as top priority. With transparent contracts, what you see is what you get - no more frustrating loss of productive hours over your office lease.

Custom Preset Copy.jpg

3. Hassle-free experience - everything just works!

The start to a day at the office can sometimes dictate on its own how the remainder of it will pass. We understand that braving traffic, weather, dust & more is plenty enough a challenge for our members every morning, and provide a hassle-free experience powered by design.

With integrated multi-level parking, finding a spot is one worry that you can cross off your list - permanently. A clean desk, spotless office surroundings equipped with the right mix of greenery & technology, and a coffee machine for your first cuppa of the day - all await our members, every day.

At The Hive collaborative workspaces, our human-centric design & professional maintenance staff ensure that every morning for our members begins pleasantly.

Custom Preset Copy 2.jpg

4. Fitness centre

One of the most undervalued & neglected aspects of professionals’ work-life equation is the need for physical exercise. Fitness - the one thing that everyone aspires to but finds hard to fit into their packed schedules with travel often cited as a hurdle.

As part of an integrated lifestyle destination, The Hive solves this problem by bringing the fitness center to you. Not only does exercise enhance physical fitness, but it is also well known as a mental stimulant that triggers happiness. Membership at our workspaces can go a long way towards achieving work-life balance.

5. Community

A key aspect of achieving work-life balance is social interaction, particularly with peers who are not necessarily colleagues. With a diverse set of companies & individuals as our members, we take delight in the amazing ways they naturally interact and form relationships.

From casual chats between individual members at the coffee machine to cross-company collaboration, we see it all bloom under our roof. We cherish & nurture this with community managers actively involved in making the right connections & fostering fruitful interactions.

Whether it’s a work-related roadblock or a personal matter, our members have a supportive community to reach out to. Individual concerns which might otherwise get overlooked in a traditional office space find new solutions here and contribute immensely to work-life balance.

Future of Work with Naomi Tosic

6. Events & monthly networking mixers

At The Hive Collaborative workspaces, we regularly host a wide range of events which are educational, inspirational & most importantly fun.

Sticking to a computer screen to solve problems all day can get monotonous & lead to a drop in employee productivity. A well-deserved break now & then to engage in an event just a few steps away provides a good balance.

From TED talks to food tasting events from world-famous chefs, we strive to bring forth events to suit every member’s needs. Of course, our monthly networking mixers are a big hit with all our members who love the opportunity to let their hair down & get to know their community better.

We also encourage our members to host their own events and provide a platform from which they can give their brand a boost. This contributes to a sense of ownership & pride, and a rise in overall employee happiness ratings for our members.

7. Games Lounge & Library

When employees come together in traditional office spaces, their diverse interests can sometimes be overlooked in favor of organizational priorities. A master chess-player might fall out of touch with the game simply due to a lack of opportunity at the workspace.

Flexible workspaces are acutely aware of the value that something as simple as a game of chess could contribute towards balancing the work-life equation for their members. The Hive offers a well-equipped games lounge & a regularly updated library section to help members stay in touch with their interests.

With hundreds of members frequenting these hotspots every day, there’s never a shortage of peers with similar interests. These micro-interactions foster a sense of belonging and boost employee happiness.

Benefits Office Library

8. Partner offers & membership benefits

As the world’s leading flexible workspace that is part of an integrated lifestyle destination, we offer access to food & retail outlets like no other - with added member benefits.

While our pantry space is beautifully crafted & fully equipped to meet all needs, we understand that a change in scenery is always welcome. Members at The Hive have access to a virtually unlimited menu, the latest in fashion, and even a set of nightlife destinations at the press of an elevator button.

Team meetings are no longer fixed to a meeting room or even the office space, we see members talking business over beer like it’s a tradition. This freedom of choice and constantly updated member benefits mean that our members have all the elements needed to achieve work-life balance in the palm of their hands.

Get in touch with us today to avail a trial pass & experience a workspace that unlocks the perfect work-life balance for you & your team!

How flexible workspaces can transform your team's experience at work?

The era of the millennials is well and truly here. Research shows that millennials are expected to compose more than half of the global workforce by 2020 & nearly 75% by 2025. The key characteristics that define today’s work culture are thus dictated by the likes & dislikes of this generation.

Work-life balance, flexibility, a sense of community, colourful & lively spaces are some of the main factors that maximise employee satisfaction & productivity. Flexible workspaces, which are fast becoming the go-to choice for all types of businesses, tick all the right boxes that meet these needs.

The Hive is a pan-India network of flexible workspaces with centers live in Bangalore, Chennai & new ones coming up in Hyderabad, NCR, Mumbai & Pune. We offer office space memberships for 1–50+ employee businesses along with a complete suite of services. Our customised office spaces are highly trusted by enterprises, blending the company ethos with our signature service.

While businesses try to provide the best of work environments for their teams, there are many factors to be considered. Here are 8 ways in which availing membership at

The Hive collaborative workspaces will help transform your team’s experience at work:

Tech equipped high connectivity workspace

In today’s world, technology is not only essential to businesses but indeed is the driver of growth. At The Hive, technology comes together with design to offer an intuitive and world class office space that will instantly win your trust.

From basics such as plug points & internet that is always-on, to printers, conference rooms, a member portal for all services - we’ve got it all covered. We ensure a hassle-free experience for your team, which allows them unperturbed focus on their tasks at hand.

A professional workspace has a profound impact on the psyche of your employees.

Professional Coworking Space

2. Recreational lounge & reading spaces

Our collaborative workspaces come equipped with spacious games lounges & library spaces which play the perfect foil to work related stress. Today’s workforce does not like being tied down to their desk - which is a health hazard in itself.

Instead they are conscious of their work-life equation, and that both physical & mental activity are key to maintaining a healthy balance. From an active game of pool to a sit-down game of chess or jenga, we have games that suit every member’s tastes. A constant stream of players ensures that new relationships are formed every day, spilling over into more than just the gaming lounge.

Our library sections feature the latest bestsellers as well as a slew of must-read business related books that are sure to enhance the reader’s understanding. Our thoughtful design ensures quiet well-lit places always available to those that prefer books for company. Cozy sofas, well-lit nooks, window side seats with a view; the choices for those that seek knowledge alongside work are now more abundant than ever.

Collaborative Workspaces

3. An uplifting pantry space & a plethora of culinary options

Our thoughtfully crafted pantry spaces come with a coffee machine, snack vending machines, microwaves & more to serve your needs. Our pantry also doubles up as an event space, especially food-related ones, and you can expect plenty of tasty surprises from us.

We also have partnerships with several outlets around us that serve food right to your desk at member prices. With a virtually unlimited set of options to choose from and a beautiful space which you share with the community, lunch times will never be boring again.

The Hive Collaborative workspaces are part of the integrated lifestyle destinations by Virtuous Retail, bringing the best of world cuisine to your fingertips. We’ve even had Master Chefs (yes, from the popular TV show) put together some delicacies exclusively for our members!

Without getting carried away with the treat for your teams’ taste buds alone, our learnings from the happy faces of our community members show that the way to an employee’s heart might indeed be through their stomachs!

Commercial Office Building

4. Designed to be conducive to creativity

One of the biggest generational shifts in how we work has been the move from closed/cubicled office spaces to open layout offices. This has brought about multiple benefits, and our workspaces are attentively designed to provide an eclectic mix of seating options to suit everyone.

An open layout with the same old traditional desks is no real departure from the office spaces of old. This is why at The Hive, we consciously craft spaces using the latest research in design to ensure a stimulating work atmosphere. Incorporating elements of color, seating, lighting & much more - our workspaces are designed to fit the lone maverick just as well as we fit teams of go-getters.

We have window-side bubble chairs with a beautiful view, reading nooks, telephone booths which provide privacy for conversations, meeting pods and more. No matter which type of space gets your team’s thought juices flowing, we’ve got you covered.

Cubicled Office Spaces

No wonder more and more companies are thinking out of the box – and beyond the cubicle!

5. Finding their jobs more meaningful

Working at a shared office space where they come in contact with different members from various types of organizations helps reduce the pressure that employees feel while working in a monotonous environment. The pressures of internal competition & even office politics to an extent become less stressful since there is always the option to take a breather & reset one’s state of mind.

This results in your team being more task & goal-oriented, driving productivity along with a more positive can-do attitude. Not only do they find their jobs more meaningful, but they also undergo wholesome personality growth through social interactions where they provide & receive help from others, all the while constantly learning.

Naturally employees that find their work more meaningful perform better and grow into better people on the path to building successful careers.

6. Diverse events & monthly networking mixers

As part of our constant endeavor to foster growth in all our members, we regularly host events ranging from TED talks to movie screenings and everything in between. These are almost always free to attend and bring our members fantastic & unforgettable experiences. This ensures that our space is always lively, buzzing & fatigue is never a factor.

We also host monthly networking mixers which are open to all our members & their guests - which open up multiple avenues of collaboration amongst our members, for business and otherwise. These are a huge hit with every member of our community, from the master-networkers to those still learning the ropes of the trade.

Networking is key to growing businesses & opening up avenues that might otherwise have been inaccessible. Being part of a flexible workspace comes with invaluable access to a diverse range of professionals. Fellow community members, event speakers with great experience in their fields, invitees at our mixers, and all their extended networks are yours to tap into.

1 copy 12.jpg

7. Feeling valued by their employers

Another major component that defines employee job satisfaction is how highly they feel valued by their organization. While good HR practices are vital to maintaining this, the role that the work environment & other material factors have is also important to keep in mind.

The best workspaces are designed to provide an active, uplifting environment with plenty of amenities that outdo traditional office spaces. The Hive collaborative workspaces open the doors to a whole new level of facilities - from a multiplex to a spa & salon just an elevator ride away. Our constant effort to strike partnerships with more & diverse outlets to provide exclusive benefits ensures that our members can make full use of these, and always have someone from the community that shares their interests to go along.

With a membership at The Hive, you can kick back, relax & let us enrich your team’s daily experience - all the while accepting their joy at being highly valued!

8. A feeling of belonging to a community

Finally, we refer to what we truly believe is the lifeblood of our workspaces - your fellow community members. At The Hive, a friendly face is never too far away, and bonds are formed over everything from coffee machines to games of pool to networking mixers.

Whether it’s a friendship with a peer, tech help from a fellow start-up, mentor advice from senior community members who have seen it all or more, every relationship is just a friendly ‘hello’ away. It is an unprecedented change that collaborative workspaces have brought about - where billion-dollar enterprises & fledgling startups share the same space & learn from each other.

We’ve seen our members come together to collaborate in incredible ways, like bread & butter. Or to be more precise, dosas & chutneys - with one member being a billion dollar startup & the other taking its first steps into the business. The possibilities are endless, and we are delighted to be promoting such innovative paths of growth for our members.

Co-Working Communities

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What does the future of work look like?

The meteoric growth of co-working spaces has introduced the world of workspaces to innovative ideas that have revolutionized the way we work. Gone are the days of generic cubicles which box in their inhabitants, to be replaced by open workspaces that are designed to facilitate collaboration. From startups looking for a hassle-free experience to large enterprises which want to boost employee satisfaction & retention, the world is taking note.

The move towards co-working spaces is a natural response for organizations, given the evolving needs of today’s workforce. Millennials who already form a majority of today’s professionals prioritize work-life balance, and crave a work environment that inspires them.
In a CBRE survey, 70 percent of those surveyed said they would make various trade-offs including pay & promotion prospects to secure a better workspace.

Millennials Workplace

As a futuristic workspace, we understand these needs and incorporate the latest in design & technology to meet & exceed them. With over 60 million sq. ft. of commercial real estate under management, we are re-imagining workspaces & molding them into integrated lifestyle destinations that promote holistic growth for all our members.

Here are 6 ideas about the future of work that we take into consideration while crafting our inspirational workspaces:

1. The future of work is collaborative

In a rapidly evolving economy encouraging the growth of businesses in new niches, and tightly run startups rising up to challenge the biggest enterprises, the nature of work itself is rapidly changing. As the nature of work changes, it is only natural that the ways in which it is carried out also adapt to meet new challenges.

The booming internet economy has revolutionized the ways in which organizations, both young & old, do business. New job positions with equally unheard of titles have cropped up and become part of daily lives. But the most significant change has perhaps been the interconnectedness of departments within organizations which have traditionally worked in silos.

Communication has become key to any organization’s success, with human skills becoming more important by the day. Co-working spaces provide a perfect platform for members to hone these skills through interaction with peers - both from within & outside their own organizations.

Open layouts break down the barriers to communication posed by traditional cubicled office spaces. Active areas such as games lounges and beautiful pantry spaces bring together a diverse set of people in an atmosphere conducive to interaction.

Collaborative workspaces provide a common platform for all - from reputed founders to interns, everyone has something to contribute. The future belongs to those who can capitalize on this social interaction to expand their network & seize upon opportunities for collaborative growth.

Team Work in Collaborative Space

2. Futuristic workspaces provide work-life balance

Talent acquisition & retention form a major part of any organization’s growth strategy. Attracting the cream of the workforce crop can sometimes be the difference between roaring success & crushing failure. With the needs & desires of the modern workforce in mind, the most appealing workspaces of the future will be those that can provide work-life balance.

While it is easy to refer to ‘talent’, it sometimes hides the fact that we are talking about humans who need well-rounded growth in order to be happy & healthy. Moving beyond simple aspects such as work hours, we see the need for social interaction, physical & mental well being, fulfillment, etc as the driving factors of a healthy balance.

In the future, as the concept of co-working grows in popularity, workspaces which strive to provide all the tools to achieve this work-life balance will be in high demand. At The Hive, we place our members’ wholesome growth as an utmost ideal & place all conceivable needs from retail outlets to fitness centers within arm’s length.

Employees are at their most productive when they’re happy & inspired. Any organization that prioritizes their employees’ happiness has it repaid manifold in the form of high productivity. Choosing the right workspace can make this task a breeze.

Futuristic Workspaces

3. The workspace of the future is flexible

Traditional office spaces often come with hefty demands of security-deposit & lock-in periods which can seriously hamper an organization’s business growth. Capital that might otherwise have been invested in boosting business offerings & employee satisfaction is made inaccessible.

The financial advantages of co-working spaces are a major factor in their growing popularity. The Hive co-working spaces offer a membership model that only requires one month’s worth of membership fee as the security deposit. Leases can be as short or as long as you desire - with the minimum required tenancy being of just one month as well.

This flexibility is important to businesses in today’s day & age where things change rapidly & equal responsiveness is essential. Workspaces of the future will need to be flexible themselves in order to thrive, as organizations desert the traditional model of leasing along with all its disadvantages.

1 copy 25.jpg

4. Technology intertwined with design

Any form of work in any category is today almost impossible to carry out without the aid of technology. Connectivity to the internet itself, which can sometimes be taken for granted, is a prime example. Of course, any workspace worth its salt meets this basic need but there’s much more to it than that.

Technology needs to be accessible - having the fanciest of workspaces means nothing if one suddenly finds themselves having to make a dash to find a charging spot for their laptop in a race against their battery running out. Intelligent design is necessary to foresee the ways in which members interact with their office space & to empower them in doing so.

High connectivity meeting rooms, telephones with VoIP technology, a member portal to address their needs, etc are a key part of The Hive’s co-working spaces. Booking conference rooms, accessing the space with a key card, modern printing stations - all our facilities are geared by design towards building a tech-empowered community.

Any workspace that wishes to thrive in the future must understand that technology is inseparable from today’s workforce demands. Incorporating it by design creates a better atmosphere for all.

Benefits of Increased Mobility

5. Business services integrated into office space offerings

Organisations have multiple service requirements, both as a whole and for individuals that work within them. Countless productive hours can be lost in engaging resources that address needs such as postage, acquiring marketing material, bill payments, etc

Many enterprises engage third-party vendors to set up help desks that address these needs, but this is often unviable for startups or individual professionals. Co-working spaces often address these needs through the inclusion of concierge services in their membership plans.

Housekeeping & maintenance is another aspect that organizations are usually required to handle themselves in the traditional office space model. Co-working comes with the advantage of hassle-free maintenance, handled by the operators themselves.

The Hive provides a one-stop help desk which handles concierge services and a professional housekeeping & maintenance staff. We also maintain a list of preferred vendors for more specific requirements such as marketing collateral, which simplifies our members’ path to success.

Coworking Statistics Infographics

6. Communities learn & grow together

An important aspect of co-working spaces is the sense of belonging to a community with similar aspirations & goals. Fostering a sense of belonging is important to any organization & futuristic workspaces that support them will be highly valued.

The Hive Collaborative Workspaces hosts a diverse range of activities that empower our members to grow in a holistic manner. A regular schedule of events features reputed speakers & performances that are accessible to all members. Monthly networking mixers hosted over dinner & drinks provide a platform for members & their invitees to grow professionally.

Our library sections hold a vibrant mix of bestsellers as well as business-related reading that empowers our community with knowledge. We’ve also had world-renowned authors, master chefs & more visit our space & interact with our starstruck community.

We truly believe that the future of work is tightly knit with holistic growth for each & every member of our community.

Office Workspace

Are you an organizational leader with an eye on staying ahead of the changing future of works? Get in touch with us today to learn about our membership options & find the one that’s perfect for you!

Why are enterprises like IBM & Microsoft are moving to flexible workspaces?

Enterprises are the pinnacle of the business world, with empires often spanning multiple cities, countries & even time zones. In order for a complex enterprise to operate smoothly as one unit, functional agility becomes extremely important.

Real estate forms a significant part of the operational decisions taken by large enterprises like IBM & Microsoft. With cross-functional teams working around the clock & innovative pilot projects that require out-of-the-box thinking, flexible office spaces have become indispensable to enterprises.

Flexible workspaces offer the perfect solution, providing the necessary flexibility & features without the bulk capital cost of setting up office space.

The Hive is a pan-India network of fully customized workspaces with centers live in Bangalore, Chennai & new ones coming up in Hyderabad, NCR, Mumbai & Pune. We offer office space memberships for 1–50+ employee businesses along with a complete suite of services. Our customized office spaces are highly trusted by enterprises, blending the company ethos with our signature service.

Here we share 10 reasons why The Hive collaborative workspaces are an excellent choice for enterprise needs:

  1. Minimize CAPEX costs

    Capital expenditure (CAPEX) refers to the big-ticket investments that enterprises make into assets that are often fixed, such as office space. This doesn’t refer simply to space with 4 walls & a roof, but also additional facilities such as HVAC, plumbing, wiring, furniture, etc and their maintenance.

    Flexible workspaces not only help enterprises save the entire CAPEX costs associated with setting up office space but also eliminate the hassles of maintenance.

    It is important to note here that these expenses factor into tax calculations as expenditure on assets. Availing membership at our flexible workspaces can help you minimize CAPEX costs as well as utilize the freed up cash flow to effectively boost your business.

Flexible Workspace

2. Minimize OPEX costs
Operational expenditure (OPEX) on the other hand refers to the costs incurred in day-to-day activities of enterprises. In terms of office space costs, it typically refers to rent, housekeeping & utility bills.

Fully managed workspaces not only take care of these costs under a single membership-fee but also handle all the hassles of daily maintenance. Professional cleaning services, on-hand technicians, concierge services & more are all on hand to make your workspace experience stress-free. This empowers enterprise teams with the freedom to focus on tasks at hand, knowing all service requirements are just a phone call or click away.

Our collaborative workspaces offer membership plans that not only minimize office space expenses but also provide a holistic work environment. Read here to know more about how our enterprise members save >25% on their workspace requirements.

3. Networking & innovation

Enterprises are constantly looking for new ways to inspire & foster innovation to stay on top of the game. Flexible workspaces which are hotspots for startups act as the perfect bridge between enterprises and those they seek.

For some, this early movers’ advantage is a strategic tactic to advance their long term business interests as well. As an example, the advisory firm KPMG wants to be close to startups that could quickly scale up and become clients.

“Startups and high growth businesses are very different to large and established corporates, and we believe if it's a market that you actively want to be in, you have to physically be there," explains Patrick Imbach, head of KPMG Tech Growth.

4. Pilot projects & independent workers

One of the key features that differentiate the modern workforce from the previous era is the influx of independent workers - freelancers, contractors, developers, etc. They demand flexibility and flourish in a workspace that matches their personas.

Similarly, enterprises often test out various projects - some of which require the members to escape from the ‘groupthink’ mindset. At The Hive, we have seen enterprises successfully test projects and grow them into successful departments that occupy beautiful customized workspaces.

Coworking Space Offer Flexibility

5.Serviced high-connectivity meeting rooms

Conference room services are of special importance to enterprises, which often host executives checking in on team progress. The boardroom meeting culture is also more prevalent in larger organizations than startups, who will sometimes gladly host theirs over lunch if convenient. This is of course in keeping with the nature of the discussions that enterprise meetings have, and flexible workspaces are sensitive to this need.

Our meeting room facilities are highly sought after and equipped to handle all our members’ needs. Our attention to detail, tech connectivity & professional service has drawn praise from leading executives across the world.

Custom-designed private offices even allow businesses to infuse their own culture while enjoying the advantages of flexible workspaces.

6. Employee satisfaction & retention

Attracting & retaining top talent has always been a challenge that large enterprises have had to find fresh solutions for. This has only become even more important in the era of the startup-culture where more & more employees choose their organizations on the basis of holistic work environments. Any enterprise that fails to provide an atmosphere & work culture that caters to these evolving needs risks losing its best talent to a startup in the same field that does.

Flexible workspaces, as shared above, are hotbeds of innovation & culture in addition to providing all the amenities of traditional workspaces. The constant buzz generated from social events & peer interaction keeps members energetic, inspired & motivated. This also fosters a sense of community among the members, who often support each other in matters business & personal. In an era that’s increasingly buying into the sharing economy & values being part of a community, this is by itself a significant factor in choosing where they work.

Including flexible workspaces in their office portfolio also helps enterprises indicate flexibility to potential employees. This is another major factor that today’s workforce seeks from its employers and can help attract top talent to your organization.

University of Michigan

7. Entering new markets

When we speak of large enterprises such as IBM, Microsoft & more, we are looking at organizations that are constantly expanding. Whether it is new geographical markets, product segments or in other ways, there is always the drive to try new things.

Traditionally, such activities, especially entering new cities, countries, etc. involved a high cost which also came with a significant risk associated with success or failure. With the advent of flexible workspaces, entering new markets becomes much less risky. Additionally, the above-discussed advantages of remote work & business networking increase the probability of success.

Several enterprises have effectively used this model to their advantage. Many are incorporating elements of open design into their own offices.

8. Low-security deposit & flexible memberships

At The Hive, we only collect a refundable security deposit of 1 month’s membership fee & the same 1 month as lock-in period. This provides you flexibility in terms of planning your membership, with multiple options even within our own space.

Whether your requirement is short-term or long-term, our workspaces & flexible membership agreements are geared to make you feel right at ease. Customized office spaces are especially popular with enterprises, providing both privacy and sense of community when necessary.

Choose flexible workspaces and free your capital to be invested in the growth & culture of your company.

Hive Working Space

In addition to flexible workspaces, enterprises are also choosing to incorporate open office layouts, colorful surroundings and more to meet the demands of the millennial workforce. Many businesses even use these flexible workspaces as a learning platform to incorporate such innovation into their workspace design.

Our membership plans start at Rs. 7,500/- per month, enabling a diverse set of professionals to enhance our community. We also host fully customized office spaces that serve as a launchpad for enterprise members that are on the hyper-growth path.

Call +91 70222 74000 or email hello@hiveworkspaces.com to discuss your office space requirement with us. We would love to add you to our community of 1000+ happy members!

Why it's time to embrace the sharing economy

The story of human evolution is a remarkable tale of how we as a species pooled together to overcome nature’s biggest challenges to become the predominant force on this planet. Taking a leaf out of this book, many businesses have made the best of modern technology to bring consumers the best that their pooled resources can afford.

Some of the world’s biggest companies today such as Uber & Airbnb have transformed their respective industries, riding the rising wave of the sharing economy. While there is no fixed definition for the ‘sharing economy’, it can best be pictured as the enabling of peer-to-peer transactions to make the most of the resources available with them.

It is characterized by the sharing of a product or service by multiple consumers who contribute their share of the cost, which otherwise by themselves they might not have been able to afford. Conversely, since there are multiple consumers participating in the transaction, the provider earns more than they would through a single consumer.

Another industry that has been disrupted by the sharing economy is that of office space leasing - where co-working is fast emerging as the go-to option. While co-working is not strictly a part of the sharing economy but instead its cousin - the ‘access economy’, the principles remain rather similar.

In a true sharing economy, the transaction would be entirely among peers, who take turns to be the providers and consumers. Whereas in the access economy, there is a clear distinction between the provider and the consumers. The benefits remain largely the same though, and for this article, we shall refer to co-working as a part of the sharing economy.

Here we look at the advantages of the sharing economy, and why it’s time to wholeheartedly embrace it:

  1. Always available, on-demand

    One of the biggest factors that drive the growth of the sharing economy is the fact that it enables the consumption of services on-demand. This is more relevant to certain industries than others but is certainly applicable across pretty much any business in the sharing economy.Taking Uber as an example, a large number of providers on the platform ensure that a ride is available at any given time. A large number of consumers also ensures that the providers have a constant flow of demand, thereby minimizing the idle time of their resource.In terms of co-working, The Hive collaborative workspaces are operational 24x7 & offer multiple membership options to suit every individual’s need.

Commercial Office Space

2. Fosters collaborative growth

The sharing economy brings together people with similar interests, often leading to synergy & collaboration. It is often said that two heads are better than one, and the collaborative spirit takes this to the next level.

Every coworking space is a potential hotbed of innovation, with professionals from diverse backgrounds mingling together, waiting for a spark to create something unique. Add to the mix our innovative design & programming that is aimed at fostering collaboration, and the path to growth awaits as a journey well made with companions.

3. Same lifestyle, more savings

The sharing economy is of particular benefit to the lifestyle seekers, who now have access to high-quality products & services at never before prices.

Want to dress up in high fashion for the weekend party, without spending what it costs to own the outfit? There’s a startup for that. Want to drive down to a nearby weekend getaway without purchasing a car that you would otherwise barely use? There’s a startup for that too!

Well designed co-working spaces also allow businesses access to premium facilities at affordable rates, which would otherwise pinch their pockets to own by themselves. Not only businesses but individuals can access these same facilities as well.

In the sharing economy, compromises on quality for the sake of affordability are a thing of the past.

4. Someone for everyone

There are certain industries which have traditionally been dominated by a limited set of providers, allowing them to dictate the terms of doing business. The introduction of the sharing economy has disrupted this tight control, putting power back in the hands of the consumers.Consider the finance sector for example. Before the sharing economy was introduced, the terms of obtaining finance were dictated solely by a small set of financial firms which had a clear upper hand. However, with the introduction of the peer to peer finance model, we saw this grip-hold loosen. Thanks to a large number of providers available, financing became more flexible & the terms became more balanced.

Money Crashers

5. Saves capital

The sharing economy is of particular advantage in the real estate industry, since it is virtually a quantum leap over the traditional model of leasing. Office space rentals in particular always came with hefty security-deposits, lengthy lock-in periods & heavy handed terms.

With the growth of co-working spaces, those worries are a thing of the past. The Hive co-working spaces memberships require only one month’s membership fee as a security deposit and also allow the flexibility to cancel membership if necessary at just a month’s notice.

This frees up a significant chunk of capital for our members, which we believe is best invested in the growth of their business & promoting employee satisfaction. This holds true in several other cases as well, with demands for ownership & one-sided situations favoring providers on the decline.

6. Rise in self-employment

The sharing economy has enabled the rise of a new section of society that chooses self-employment - to be their own bosses. Under this model, providers have the freedom to choose when they would like to offer services & when not.

This is understandably influenced by the market & terms placed by platforms upon their providers, but the ultimate control lies with the individual providers themselves. There are several avenues open to them as well, meaning they get to choose the platform & industry they feel most comfortable with.

From food delivery to menial tasks, providing taxi rides or simply offering carpool seats on a fixed route on one’s way to work every morning - this model places the choice in the hands of the people.

7. It’s good for the planet

Our planet faces several challenges for sustainability, including but not limited to climate change & global warming. As more people embrace the sharing economy & give up ownership, resources will become better utilized.
Lesser traffic, lesser pollution, fewer underutilized buildings, etc. are some of the outcomes that the effective pooling of resources brings about. We began this article with a discussion of our role on this planet, and we’d like to emphasize our role in keeping it healthy for all its inhabitants.

8. Builds a sense of trust in the community

Sharing is caring. There, we finally said it.

There is an often quoted joke related to Uber which goes “we were taught as children not to get into cars with strangers, only to grow up and.. get into cars with strangers”. However, the ingenuity with which startups use modern technology to overcome hurdles of safety, security & trust is no laughing matter.

The sharing economy brings people in contact with diverse members of their community who they might never have interacted with otherwise. Learning about different cultures, backgrounds, dreams & aspirations broadens one’s mental horizons. It also instills a sense of respect & trust in the community, which is vital for a healthy society.

Tech Republic

Are you interested in being part of a futuristic workspace that fully embraces the sharing economy? Contact us today to learn about our membership options & find the one that’s perfect for you!

How can you save 25% costs by opting into flexible workspaces?

Fully Customized Office Spaces

Any discussion about office spaces today certainly involves mention of flexible workspaces, which are fast becoming the go-to solutions for all businesses. A perfect mix of economical offerings & fostering growth, shared office spaces are truly an evolution of the conventional workspace.

The Hive is a pan-India network of fully customized office spaces with centers live in Bangalore, Chennai & new ones coming up in Hyderabad, NCR, Mumbai & Pune. We offer office space memberships for 1–50+ employee businesses along with a complete suite of services. Our attentively crafted spaces are designed & maintained to foster wholesome growth for every member.

Choosing the right office space forms a large part of any organization’s work culture. Budget offerings are of special interest to smaller businesses while emerging enterprises seek to offer an attractive environment to work in. Of course, every business wants to keep its employees happy & hence healthily productive.

At The Hive Collaborative Workspaces, we combine the best of both worlds to provide a motivational working environment while saving up to 25% on costs. Here are 8 ways in which The Hive makes flexible workspaces affordable:

  1. Professional Housekeeping Staff

    As this Forbes article suggests, employee experience is a key part of the future of work. As a futuristic workspace, The Hive ensures a clean & refreshing working environment, thanks to our professional housekeeping staff. Whether you start your work at 9 in the morning or 9 in the evening, you’re welcomed by inspiring office space.
    Our community managers & support staff are always on hand to help with any issues you face, and our own team is always available to the community. With The Hive, it truly is a hassle-free experience.


2. 24x7 access, with 2-level security

The Hive is accessible to members at all hours of the day, with dedicated security guards available at all times. Whether it’s a late day at work or working with clients on a different continent, our flexible workspaces have your back. We also have round-the-clock security at the entrances to the office premises and a safe work environment for everyone irrespective of their work timings.

Coworking Members

3. A spacious fully equipped pantry

Our thoughtfully crafted pantry spaces come with a coffee machine, snack vending machines, microwaves & more to serve your needs. Our pantry also doubles up as an event space, especially food-related ones, and you can expect plenty of tasty surprises from us. We also have partnerships with several outlets at VR Bengaluru that serve food right to your desk at member prices. Some of our members save thousands every month on their team’s catering requirements alone!

Assuming an average consumption of 50 cups of tea/coffee per month per employee, you save 5% on your total monthly costs. You can look forward to a constant supply of the elixir that makes you tick.

Spacious Fully Equipped Pantry

4. Integrated parking space with membership plans

Our collaborative workspaces provide access to multiple floors of basement parking space, which can be availed at discounted member prices. Our centres are located at carefully selected hub spots which have easy connectivity. We also keep in mind access to several business hubs, central locations & even the airport. With metro rail connectivity at both our live centers, access to The Hive becomes easier than ever. But for those who prefer their drive, parking is one less hassle to worry about.

Our members save nearly 30% on their parking costs as well as the frustration of hunting for a parking spot. You can rest assured about driving to work with a safe parking spot always available.

Roli Saxena

5. Serviced high-connectivity meeting rooms

Our meeting room facilities are highly sought after and equipped to handle all our members’ needs. Our attention to detail, tech connectivity & professional service has drawn praise from leading executives across the world.
Furthermore, we make customized arrangements for your meeting needs upon request. Our team membership plans come with meeting room credits as real value addition.

Meeting Room

6. Full suite of business services

Our help desk is designed to cater to a full set of business needs. Concierge services & mail handling are provided to every member, and The Hive provides complete support in compliance/legal matters where necessary.

Modern printers service your daily printing & scanning requirements, credits for which are included in the price of our membership plans. We also have partnerships with several trustworthy businesses to help you get business cards, marketing collateral and more.
In addition to the convenience of having a printer within arm’s reach, you save 3% of your total monthly costs with credits under your membership plan. Every penny matters and we help you focus solely on growing your business.

7. Utilities

An office space needs to be just like the community that works in it: professional. The Hive offers flexible workspaces where everything just works. Power back-up ensures that our air-conditioning, lights, electrical outlets, etc are always on and available to you.

Office Space

8. Low-security deposit & flexible memberships

At The Hive, we only collect a refundable security deposit of 1 month’s membership fee & the same 1 month as lock-in period. This provides you flexibility in terms of planning your membership, with multiple options even within our own space.

Traditional offices not only tie you down to an inflexible commitment but also charge a hefty security deposit. Assuming 12 months of rent, the interest you would accrue alone amount to 3% of your monthly office costs. Choose flexible workspaces and free your capital to be invested in the growth & culture of your company.

Shehnaz Bapoojiwala

In today’s fast-paced world, they say ‘time is money’ and at The Hive we are dedicated to ensuring every member’s needs are right at hand. In terms of tangible benefits alone, choosing our workspace can save you up to 25% in costs.The positive effects on employee mood & productivity are invaluable additional benefits. The Hive is an energetic office space with an infectious buzz, and we encourage you to visit us for a taste of the experience.

Our membership plans start at Rs. 7,500/- per month, enabling a diverse set of professionals to enhance our community. We only require a refundable security deposit & minimum commitment of 1 month, with a notice period also of the same duration.

We also host fully customized office spaces that serve as a launch pad for our members that are on the hyper-growth path.

Feel free to call +91 70222 74000 or email hello@hiveworkspaces.com to discuss your office space requirement with us. We would love to add you to our community of 1000+ happy members!


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Cookies & refreshments on the house!

Join us with your team at The Hive Event Space. We look forward to seeing you.


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