Developers Party at The Hive Chennai!

We have planned a weekend of fun, food and conversations with best of developers, hustlers and creatives of Chennai. Come explore the plans of Fnplus for the student community, network with global tech leaders & have fun in a startup friendly environment.
Cookies & refreshments on the house!

Join us with your team at The Hive Event Space. We look forward to seeing you.


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Namma Bengaluru! Our New Level of Collaboration is now Live!

The next level of Collaboration in Bangalore is now live! What an exhilarating journey it’s been, and it’s only the start. After many weeks of immaculate conceptualizing, planning, and executing, our newest level, a space that is designed to increase productivity, is ready for hustlers across the city.


Our new space is built to cater to all needs, with varied options from fully customizable offices, to private offices, and free floating hot desks.


We are also announcing the second edition of Open Hive, which is an exclusive opportunity to spend the day working at the Hive, on the house; packed with opportunities to discover the vibrant community, our various partnerships, and also some exciting events. All you’ve got to do, to be here, is let us know.


With The Hive’s seamless integration with world class amenities at VR Bengaluru, let’s just say you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Ranging from a Fitness Centre, a Rooftop Swimming Pool overlooking the city skyline, a Microbrewery to get you some Beer on tap (yes, that's true!), The Waverly that gives you a luxury boutique accommodation option (hotel and long stay residence), diverse Retail Shopping experience, some top notch Restaurants & Cafes, a Spa, a 9-screen PVR & PVR Gold, and much more just a few steps away from your desk make it convenient to have a holistic lifestyle, without having to deal with Bangalore’s mundane traffic.



Along with this, comes a thriving community, which facilitates networking, collaboration, and exchange of business opportunities. Several members of our community have found The Hive to be a great platform to connect with entrepreneurs, freelancers, subject matter experts, and investors. With the new floor now live, our member community just got bigger, a classic case of more the merrier.


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And amongst all this hustle, there’s more awesome news coming your way! We will be launching our Chennai Workspace very soon. The Hive Chennai is all set to bring together the best of modern workspaces and Chennai’s rich culture. It is scheduled to open on 18th June, 2018. Stay tuned for an exclusive sneak-peek to the state-of-the-art facility.


Master work-life balance at The Hive


At The Hive, we pride ourselves on promoting work-life balance at our integrated lifestyle destination - VR Bengaluru. It’s not just about work, we believe in our community having well-rounded lives that go beyond the professional element. Wondering how to master this balance with us? Here are some ways you can look forward to: 

  1. Take part in a work mixer or after-work get-together: At fist glance, work mixers may seem a little forced, but they serve an important purpose. Getting to know your coworkers better and building relations with them can help your day-to-day life at work both professionally as well as to take those little breathers. If your office doesn’t host work mixers, propose an after-work get-together at The Whitefield Arms pub. Better yet, invite them to the one of the mixers hosted by The Hive!

  2. Explore various global brands: Retail therapy is more than just a phrase. A fulfilling shopping experience works wonders in calming your mind and soul after a long hard week at work. Fortunately, working at The Hive means you have access to tons of eclectic global brands to choose from. Food Hall for your daily needs, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Kama Ayurveda; you name it, VR Bengaluru has it!

  3. Attend masterclasses to spruce up your CV: Masterclasses are a sure-fire way to pick up some much needed skills quickly, especially if your job is quite demanding and gives you little time to attend intensive courses. The Hive has a selection of interesting and informative masterclasses conducted from time to time to help you give your CV and skill set that extra boost. From culinary skills to public speaking, and even tech tools, we host a various range of knowledge sessions that help you grow.

  4. Make the most of shared spaces: Lunch breaks and cultural events are the best time to meet people from other businesses across The Hive. Don’t be shy to pull up a chair and sit next to someone you’ve just met or approach a small group of people conversing something interesting. Just smile, say hi & strike up a conversation with them; it’s that simple. Opening up to such relationships help form a welcoming atmosphere that can transform your workspace experience into a wholesome one.

  5. Mark out the distinction between your work time and play time: We’ve all heard the proverb ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Work and completing your tasks are paramount and nothing should distract you from that. However, letting off steam is not only harmless, but it is also essential to ensure you don’t exhaust yourself mentally and physically. Take a break to play some foosball, participate in an event after work, shop the latest sale, relax by the rooftop pool with a drink. A little play time is conducive to producing good work!


Easy exercises you can do at your desk

Working out is hard. Not only because of the demanding exercises, but when you’re a professional focusing on your career, it can be difficult to take out a couple of hours every day to hit the gym. As a result, we've seen the growth of a lot of work-related physical conditions that can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle.

The good news is, even if you’re not going to the gym, all it takes is a few steps to ensure that your back, neck and eyes don’t pay the price for your desk-based lifestyle. Here are a few easy desk-based exercises to start your off.


1. The Puppy Dog

Sit up straight. Try to touch your right ear to your right shoulder. Hold for 10 seconds. Do the same with your left ear. 10 repetitions.

2. Up Into The Sky

Interlace your fingers with your palms facing out. While sitting in the same position, try reaching as high as you can.

3. What’s Around

Turn your head to the right, try to look over your shoulder. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat for the other side.


4. Open Up

Sit straight. With your hands behind you, press your palms together. Hold for 10 seconds.


5. 20/20/20 Vision

Every 20 minutes, take your eyes off your computer and focus your eyes at anything kept more than 20 ft away for 20 seconds.


These should at least protect your neck, back and eyes from severe strain, but some things are unavoidable. Fix your posture while you’re at your desk, take regular breaks to walk around and stretch your legs, and lastly eat and sleep well.

The ABCs of Networking

Being in a coworking space helps a great deal in fostering long-lasting professional, and personal, connections. Simply put, networking with your fellow coworkers is essential to accomplishing your goals and creating new ones. We've put together some thoughts to make the best of your networking efforts.


1. Networking requires more than just the basics

A lot of people assume that networking is as simple as a shaking of hands, a bit of small talk, and the exchange of business cards. Start by analysing your prospective and current connections. How does their involvement fit in with your short-term and long-term strategies? How do you visualise the extent of their involvement? Do you have a plan on how you would like to approach your prospective connections and maintain your existing relationships? Answering these questions beforehand, and applying it to conversations will help you achieve your goals as precisely as possible.

2. Networking extends beyond one’s own needs

Networking is not just about what your connections can do for you. It also includes what you can do for your connections. The involvement of your connections in accomplishing your goals may be clear to you, but you also have to understand how you may be of value to them and be able to convince them of that. This exchange of ideas and resources is the core of networking.


3. Networking is a two-way street

Networking for your intents and purposes does not happen in a simple snap of fingers. It involves a tactful and gradual cultivation of a relationship that could last over a long period of time. Similarly, your connection(s) must be able and willing to develop and make this relationship grow. Nurturing this relationship with patience & a long term perspective will ensure that the goals of both you and your connection(s) can be met smoothly without any bumps along the way.

Networking requires confidence. It requires viewing multiple perspectives. Most importantly, it requires patience and belief that the work put into cultivating these relationships will pay off eventually. We hope you will keep these in mind and make the most of your future opportunities.


Along with the pervasive startup culture, a suffix that rings in every Bangalorean’s mind is the ‘By two philosophy”. Infact, Bangalore’s tagline is ‘Swalpa adjust madi’, which means kindly adjust a little and more or less accentuates that Bangaloreans like to share by nature.

It is no wonder the city obsessed with by-two coffee has seamlessly adapted itself to the culture of carpooling and shared spaces for co-working.

Advantages of co-working spaces over typical office spaces

Theres been a lot of buzz about coworking spaces - especially how they overcome challenges faced by early-stage startups and mid-sized teams. That is to say, those businesses which require economical solutions to their office needs while still availing all facilities including conference rooms for important meetings. 

At The Hive, we have a thoughtfully designed space that seeks to fulfil a range of needs. Some of the advantages over traditional office spaces are as follow:

#1: Socialising & connections


At a traditional office, a company is responsible for creating its own chemistry, without which team members begin to feel a little cut-off. With many different kinds of members that flow through shared spaces, there are much greater chances that one makes connections at various levels.

All over our space, we provide little nooks and crannies that members can use to unwind or rebuild focus on their work, especially through a feeling of being connected.

#2: Instil a flat hierarchy into the company culture

This is somewhat of a larger concern than it appears, as private cabins in traditional office spaces tend to isolate some of the best thinkers from their teams & the pulse of the work. With co-working spaces, teams typically sit together for their normal day & use conference rooms or similar informal spaces for private meetings. A flat hierarchy gets imbibed in the company culture.

#3: Flexible offerings with greater mobility


Each company, organisation and team comes with its own sets of nuanced needs and tastes, which grow and evolve over time. The flexibility provided to members of The Hive, be it service-related or space-related is always with the aim of catering to changing needs. Just like your company, The Hive too is constantly growing and evolving.

If, say, your roadmap has plans to expand your 20 member team to a 50 member one over a period of 6 months, we take that into account while planning our offering that’ll be best suited to your needs. 

#4: Multi-purpose spaces

For a small team that does a lot of B2B work, it might be a little difficult to get an office space that they can awe clients with. Collaborative spaces overcome this challenge through pooled resources, often integrating well-designed common spaces that can be used flexibly for meetings and more. 

Everyone appreciates the extra breathing room on offer, and these spaces become conducive to building new relationships.

We look at co-working as the smartest way forward, and work every day to help our community make the most of it. The buzz of activity around VR Bengaluru and frequent events conducted at The Hive offer an entirely different experience to what one might find at typical office spaces. We invite you to get a taste of it for yourself.

Collaborative Spaces - The future of Work

In the last decade, the modest beginning of co-working spaces focusing on freelancers, start-ups and micro enterprises has led to a global movement of collaborative environments. Here we take a look at why these shared spaces are here to stay, and will only grow further to be the preferred model for work spaces.