An Introvert’s view into co-working

What does an introvert need to thrive in a co-working arena?

While having a conversation with a quiet and shy techie turned startup wizard over the possibilities of working in a co-working space, the conversation took an interesting turn. To our surprise, we found shades in an introvert that we had previously never read.

She mentioned that she lives in the neighbourhood near The Hive and wants to get out of the house. She was familiar with the co-working concept and had even checked out our website. When we started to give her a tour of The Hive, we started through the communal side, taking her through the cafeteria and the terrace, where people were seen having a laugh and swaying to the music but she said she likes it quiet while working.

We realised her kind of space and took her to our quieter spot just by the window with an alluring view of the Bangalore skyline. But then we asked ourselves..

Is all they need a quiet space and fast internet?

It was amazing for us to observe: though she was an introvert and didn’t want a lot of activity, she loved being around people and getting out of her house. We told her we have a variety of awesome coworkers and that many are just like her who love their alone time while working. They have made The Hive their happy community, with a small set of friends made at the games lounge, our monthly mixer or otherwise.

It’s important to remember that co-working is a spectrum of spaces with different environments, cultures, and people. According to some studies, it’s believed around 40% of people are introverts. Unfortunately, the image of co-working spaces as wildly active places with constant conversation can be intimidating & off-putting. But at The Hive, there is space for everyone - a space with unlimited choices and the freedom to do anything the way one likes.

Introverts may like their quiet time, but they still want to be a part of a community, attend events and meet awesome people.

Here are a few notes we made on how introverts co-work:

  • Work in quiet rooms or lonely corners with amazing views for moments of solitude.
  • Have a dedicated room or portioned off area without too much activity and fewer conversations.
  • Lunch by themselves or with a small group of people, without much probability of a potluck.
  • Use Headphones - to do two things: 
    1) Listen to some pretty sweet jams
    2) Signal to others they’re not really looking for a conversation at the time.

..and some tips on how introverts can peek out their comfy shell:

We have a community workspace with several events happening each week and while it’s not essential to partake in every activity, participating in a few events per month can be rewarding.

While you work, move around the spaces in many different hot desk areas. Try out a different spot each week. It’s an easy way to meet new people, but still control your work environment.

Co-working is an open community with introverts, extroverts, and dozens of people that swing between them. A lot of conversations begin with a simple smile, a greeting at the coffee machine or even at the pool table.

We wish you happy co-working!