Celebrating the spirit of Women

On this occasion, we take a moment to dwell into the minds of three established women leaders, who work out of The Hive. They are compassionate & hard-working women who deserve our admiration. These women contribute to the eclectic mix of members across The Hive, because ultimately it is the people who make a place. Here is a glimpse on three of such women who work out of The Hive, striking a work-life balance.

Shenaz Bapooji

After working for an enviable 20 years in Ogilvy and helping build successful brands, she now works for The Shopmatic Group. Initially, she was doubtful about her radical shift from managing several brands across various industries to investing herself in creating the image of one particular company. But, the stars seem to have aligned because she says that helping entrepreneurs establish themselves, equally excites her. She claims, that there indeed is never a dull day.

There indeed can never be a dull day at The Hive, when one can bid good bye to mid-day blues by taking a dip in a temperature-controlled pool; when one can savour delicacies from the Gourmet food court, and walk over to The Tribe Fitness Club, guilt-ridden, to compensate for the indulgence. If that doesn’t quite fit the bill, then one can always walk into the spa or pick a book from Crossword, sit back and relax in a swing chair in the pantry, that overlooks the city.

Roli Saxena

With 15 years of international business experience, Roli Saxena is the Founder and CEO of Drona Capital. A proud mother of three, Roli feels strongly about education, employment and social mobility in India. She astounds us for not only managing her professional and personal life with ease but for contributing to the society as well. She seems to have cracked the trifecta of leading a balanced and fulfilling life.

Monika Kejriwal

Monika Kejriwal, Founder, Latitude Design, decided to strut on her own after 17 years of experience as an Architect. That led to the conception of Latitude Design. Working in a male-dominated industry, she is often amused by how sometimes, she is the only woman in construction site. But, she feels that once the work commences, people, including herself are so focused on their work, that they don’t have the time to think in these other dimensions.

Doesn’t it sound like the workplace where you can see yourself?