The Hive: Solving work space conundrums

A 100,000 sq.ft ecosystem that is designed to blur the lines between personal, professional, and social lives of those who work at this shared creative space in the city.

Located in Whitefield, The Hive caters to those who are looking to nurture and grow the next generation of business. What sets us apart from the competition is the seamless access to state-of-the-art retail, hospitality, entertainment, and F&B experiences that the mall offers to our creative professionals and emerging enterprises.

We ensure high-speed internet to support workload, phone booths to take calls undisturbed, a variety of space designs to suit a multitude of needs, meeting rooms for conferences or interviews, a games lounge for relaxation, a pantry stocked with refreshments round the clock, and printing & courier services on the fly.

To build a close-knit community, we help organize and conduct events & programs by providing space and resources to our members and otherwise. The Hive also connects and promotes partner discounts by providing concierge and other services to their collaborators.

Here’s a look at what The Hive provides in terms of desk spaces.

Hot Desk

The hot desk is apt for those who need a space but are not picky of where they sit, giving them the flexibility to explore a new spot in the premise, daily. It is also suitable for those who work alone or are looking to take a break from the usual and like being on the go, literally.

Designated Desk

The designated seats are for those who like the feeling of having their own open cubicle; where they can customize their desks and keep stowaways in their lockable drawers. These are specially designed if there are two or three people working together, so that they can choose to sit in close proximity to one another. This enables ease of communication and increases the efficiency of those involved.

Private Office Space

The private office space serves as an office within an office concept. It allows individuals or smaller companies to rent a walled space based on the number of seats required. This space is on-demand only, and can be customized to suit specific needs of the client. With this space, the client needn’t worry about additional management for basic administration like reception and pantry services. They can also get their own private phone line set up, separate net connectivity, and various other concierge services at affordable prices.

We are open 24 hours and cater to almost every conceivable need of an office space where work and fun can collide. Right from choosing the best space to work from, customising it to suit your individual need or just taking a break at the games lounge where you can try your hand at chess, pool, or darts to unwind.

Want to lounge between sessions? Pick from a shelf of books and magazines (courtesy: Crossword) and sit back with a cup of micro-roasted coffee from the self-serve pantry. Or just explore VR Bengaluru for a movie, a quick bite at the food box (who also deliver to your desk through the community app) and some shopping for the soul, making your work day unlike any other.

All in all, The Hive is a pan-India platform for all kinds of entrepreneurs, startups and emerging enterprises as well as freelancers. Designed to be just how a workspace should be, motivating enough to work out of and well-equipped to match the eccentricities of its patrons.

Drop by The Hive, we’ll be waiting!