The Hive Advantage

Wikipedia defines co-working as ‘a style of work that involves a shared work environment’. But life at The Hive, where you can get fully furnished office space for rent in Bengaluru, is more than a bunch of people sitting in the same space looking at their laptops together. We offer a lifestyle best suited for the creative and the ambitious.

Inspirational Spaces

While most coworking spaces provide a basic desk & internet connectivity, we make sure our beautiful space beats expectations - for every membership category. Our space is fully furnished - with a spacious games lounge and pantry - intuitively designed to respond to your every need.


Community management & platform

Coworking is about collaboration while still providing control over one's personal space. It’s about a meeting of minds, each interaction sparking a new idea that leads to innovation. It's also about being able to find a quiet space to process your thoughts, booking conference rooms at the click of a button, and more. Not only do we understand that dynamic at The Hive, we actively work to promote it.

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We carefully curate events, discussions and conferences, all in the quest of sparking a new chain of thought or getting rid of those pesky creative blocks. At The Hive, inspiration is just a conversation away.


Concierge Services

Every once in a while, every business needs assistance. The concierge services at The Hive are best-in-class, taking care of the hassles while you give your projects the attention and time they deserve.

Flexible monthly contracts

Our coworking space in Whitefield isn’t a one-size-fits-all model. Different business have different needs, which is why we offer flexible contracts, tailor-made to your requirements.


Partner discounts

The Hive is seamlessly integrated into VR Bengaluru with its multitude of lifestyle and entertainment options. Our community constantly enjoys exclusive, privileged access to several benefits at partner outlets as well as the first-to-know advantage for the multitude of events at VR Bengaluru.