The Hive: Solving work space conundrums

A 100,000 sq.ft ecosystem that is designed to blur the lines between personal, professional, and social lives of those who work at this shared creative space in the city. Located in Whitefield, The Hive caters to those who are looking... Read more

The Science of Peak Performance

Understanding your body and mind On the occasion of “World Health Day”, The Hive in collaboration with Human Fractal conducted a workshop on “The science of peak mental and physical performance”.The workshop was aimed to provide an overview of scientific... Read more

Pub Crawl in a Mall?

The Hive plays host!VR Bengaluru is one of the coveted malls in Bangalore, made all the more alluring by its seamless access to several Pubs. Being a part of this ecosystem, we are hosting The Hive Infusion — our first Pub Crawl... Read more

The Hive life!

Where simplicity meets royalty. W. Clement Stone rightly said, “You are a product of your environment”. That’s why at The Hive we aspire to offer an unparalleled experience where you can seamlessly move between work and play without changing your... Read more

Celebrating the spirit of Women

On this occasion, we take a moment to dwell into the minds of three established women leaders, who work out of The Hive. They are compassionate & hard-working women who deserve our admiration. These women contribute to the eclectic mix... Read more

7 reasons why Open Hive was a roaring success!

1) Open Hive was open to all. Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and people from various fields worked out of The Hive for 2 days on-the-house! They explored the collaborative workspaces of The Hive right from the cozy corners to the plush interiors.... Read more