Professional Network Building

The ABCs of Networking

Being in a coworking space helps a great deal in fostering long-lasting professional, and personal, connections. Simply put, networking with your fellow coworkers is essential to accomplishing your goals and creating new ones. We've put together some thoughts to make the best of your networking efforts.


1. Networking requires more than just the basics

A lot of people assume that networking is as simple as a shaking of hands, a bit of small talk, and the exchange of business cards. Start by analysing your prospective and current connections. How does their involvement fit in with your short-term and long-term strategies? How do you visualise the extent of their involvement? Do you have a plan on how you would like to approach your prospective connections and maintain your existing relationships? Answering these questions beforehand, and applying it to conversations will help you achieve your goals as precisely as possible.

2. Networking extends beyond one’s own needs

Networking is not just about what your connections can do for you. It also includes what you can do for your connections. The involvement of your connections in accomplishing your goals may be clear to you, but you also have to understand how you may be of value to them and be able to convince them of that. This exchange of ideas and resources is the core of networking.


3. Networking is a two-way street

Networking for your intents and purposes does not happen in a simple snap of fingers. It involves a tactful and gradual cultivation of a relationship that could last over a long period of time. Similarly, your connection(s) must be able and willing to develop and make this relationship grow. Nurturing this relationship with patience & a long term perspective will ensure that the goals of both you and your connection(s) can be met smoothly without any bumps along the way.

Networking requires confidence. It requires viewing multiple perspectives. Most importantly, it requires patience and belief that the work put into cultivating these relationships will pay off eventually. We hope you will keep these in mind and make the most of your future opportunities.

Advantages of co-working spaces over typical office spaces

Theres been a lot of buzz about coworking spaces - especially how they overcome challenges faced by early-stage startups and mid-sized teams. That is to say, those businesses which require economical solutions to their office needs while still availing all facilities including conference rooms for important meetings. 

At The Hive, we have a thoughtfully designed space that seeks to fulfil a range of needs. Some of the advantages over traditional office spaces are as follow:

#1: Socialising & connections


At a traditional office, a company is responsible for creating its own chemistry, without which team members begin to feel a little cut-off. With many different kinds of members that flow through shared spaces, there are much greater chances that one makes connections at various levels.

All over our space, we provide little nooks and crannies that members can use to unwind or rebuild focus on their work, especially through a feeling of being connected.

#2: Instil a flat hierarchy into the company culture

This is somewhat of a larger concern than it appears, as private cabins in traditional office spaces tend to isolate some of the best thinkers from their teams & the pulse of the work. With co-working spaces, teams typically sit together for their normal day & use conference rooms or similar informal spaces for private meetings. A flat hierarchy gets imbibed in the company culture.

#3: Flexible offerings with greater mobility


Each company, organisation and team comes with its own sets of nuanced needs and tastes, which grow and evolve over time. The flexibility provided to members of The Hive, be it service-related or space-related is always with the aim of catering to changing needs. Just like your company, The Hive too is constantly growing and evolving.

If, say, your roadmap has plans to expand your 20 member team to a 50 member one over a period of 6 months, we take that into account while planning our offering that’ll be best suited to your needs. 

#4: Multi-purpose spaces

For a small team that does a lot of B2B work, it might be a little difficult to get an office space that they can awe clients with. Collaborative spaces overcome this challenge through pooled resources, often integrating well-designed common spaces that can be used flexibly for meetings and more. 

Everyone appreciates the extra breathing room on offer, and these spaces become conducive to building new relationships.

We look at co-working as the smartest way forward, and work every day to help our community make the most of it. The buzz of activity around VR Bengaluru and frequent events conducted at The Hive offer an entirely different experience to what one might find at typical office spaces. We invite you to get a taste of it for yourself.

The Hive Advantage

Life at The Hive, where you can get fully furnished office space for rent in Bengaluru, is more than a bunch of people sitting in the same space looking at their laptops together. We offer a lifestyle best suited for the creative and the ambitious. 

Read on to learn what puts us a cut above the average coworking space.

The Hive hosts a successful STARup 2017

STARup is a gathering of over 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, corporate representatives and government officials and influencers from the Indian, Israeli, Asian and European startup ecosystem. STARup, first launched in 2016, which saw 700 leaders in the startup community coming together.

This year, The Hive Collaborative Workspaces at VR Bengaluru was the proud Venue Partner of this stellar ensemble. It was a networking experience, like no other.