The Hive

Pub Crawl in a Mall?

Alt is VR Bengaluru’s signature open-air rooftop lounge, which is located at the Skydeck. Marvel at the panoramic view of the Garden city from Alt. The Beer Café is the only café in India with a range of over 100 different varieties of beer. 

Discover the pubs at VR Bengaluru, and why they're the perfect place to mix business with pleasure.

The Hive life!

Feel like taking a walk? Are hunger pangs causing you worries? Looking for a place to unwind after a long day at work?

With such easy access to the unmatched amenities at VR Bengaluru, working at The Hive will make your worries obsolete.

Your workplace is a window into your soul.. Choose wisely!

Celebrating the spirit of Women

We take a moment to dwell into the minds of three established women leaders, who work out of The Hive. They are compassionate & hard-working women who have our admiration, and we are sure their stories will inspire you too.

7 reasons why Open Hive was a roaring success!

Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and people from various fields worked out of The Hive for 2 days on-the-house!

They explored the collaborative workspaces of The Hive right from the cozy corners to the plush interiors. Read on to find out what they discovered..