Following terms and conditions apply to the Referral Program, including to the Referrer and to the Referred Company:

  • Referral Fee:

    • Upon successful referral of a company/individual, the referrer is eligible to get a referral fee of 30% of the monthly membership fees of the first month of the ‘Qualified Referral’. There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be submitted.

  • Qualified Referral:

    • The referred company has to sign up for a membership at The Hive within 90 days (03 months) from the date of submission of the referral to be considered as a ‘Qualified Referral’. If a company signs up post 90 days, it will not be considered as a ‘Qualified Referral’ and there will be no referral fee due to the referrer in such case.

    • Previous members (individuals as well as Company) of The Hive will not be considered as a ‘Qualified Referral’.
      Post signing-up of a referred company as a member at The Hive, The Hive will check with the ‘Qualified Referral’ (Company) if they had authorized the referrer to refer their Company to The Hive. If they agree of giving such authorization, the referrer will be eligible to get the requisite referral fee. However, if they deny about giving any such authorization, the referred company will not be considered as a ‘Qualified Referral’ anymore and there will be no referral fee due to the referrer whatsoever.

  • Payment:

    • The referral fee is payable after completion of 30 days from start date of the membership agreement of the qualified referral.

    • The referrer will have to submit required details, as may be asked, at the time of submitting a referral, including but not limited to bank account information. In case of a qualified referral, the referral fee will be paid in the name and bank account details previously submitted. No change whatsoever will be permitted, to either the name or the bank account details for the payout, at a later point in time.

    • In case of a qualified referral, the referrer will be asked to sign a vendor agreement and/or Invoice in order to facilitate the payout of the referral fee. In case the referrer denies to sign any such documents as may be asked for, the referrer would then not be eligible to get any referral fee whatsoever.

    • Any taxes arising out of the referral fee paid out to the referrer will be the sole responsibility of the referrer.



What do I have to do to refer a friend to The Hive Collaborative Workspaces?

All you have to do is fill out the form above with your friend's information! From there, our sales team will take over & get in touch with your referral.

How much cash do I get?

You will receive 30% of your friend’s monthly membership fees! The larger the team, the bigger the reward.

How is a tour scheduled?

Our sales team will be alerted once you fill out the Referral Form on this page. They will work directly with your referral to schedule a tour and finalize their membership.

When & how do I get paid?

You will get paid 30% of their first month's membership fees after your referral has completed 30 days of membership with us.

Where can I find more information on this program?

If your question isn't addressed here, please reach out to your local community manager who can tell you more.

How long is an agreement?

While most of our agreements are structured in month to month, six month, or twelve month durations, no agreement is considered too long or too short! Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of The Hive Workspaces, meaning that we cater specifically to you.

If the member referred by me grows in size in subsequent months, will I also get a referral fee on that?

The referral fee earned would only be for the first month’s membership fees. Any subsequent expansion by the referral shall not be considered for referral fees.